mmmfinal-copy.jpg The drums enter the track, resembling the crash of a brick being banged against a wall of plexiglass. That is exactly what this album sounds like from beginning to end. Something completely synthesized, unnatural and raw down to the marrow. The opening track off of Mass Movement of the Moth’s full-length is called, “Idle Minds Speak In Binary,” continuing the trend of artificiality, while embracing and releasing all human emotion as evident through the relentlessness of the album’s intensity.

As the album progresses, it becomes apparent that this band knows no one identity. In fact, it is as if the album was written by a firing squad of schizophrenics, harassed by transparent demons, composed of rusted nails and falafel (See “Riddle Me 666″), but still maintaining a steady enough aim to hit this album through the atmosphere.

The Washington, DC band has morphed throughout its existence. Originally playing more grind derived tunes as heard on their EP splits with bands Polar and Sing! Sing! Prison, the Moth’s evolution is easily detected when listening to their more recent releases, like the split LP Two Thousand And Six Six Six, with psychedelic grunge group, The Catalyst.

Mass Movement has been featured in Alternative Press magazine as a band to watch, as well as played in venues like the Warehouse Next Door and the Black Cat in the District and throughout the United States. They will be performing at Fort Reno on Monday, June 18th, with the Deleted Scenes and The Boom Orangutangs. The opening band will play at 7.15. See http://www.fortreno.com for more details. This is not a show to miss.

You can hear some of MMM’s tracks at:




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