Emancipator, “Soon It Will Be Cold Enough” review

4.5/5 stars found @ http://www.musictap.net/Reviews/EmancipatorColdEnoughCD.html

Some albums just feel so good, so cool, you can’t help but feel good while listening to them.

Emancipator’s Soon It Will Be Cold Enough is such an album. Incorporating hints of jazz, electronica, trip-hop and down-tempo into its violins, keys, various samples and the occasional female voice, this 19-year-old college student has put together a release worthier of the attentions of a record label.

Good job Emanc! More:

The amount of work that went into this album is amazing. As Emancipator himself states, “ …instrumentation on the album was either played and recorded by myself, or was programmed from scratch using individual ‘oneshots,’ which are basically just recordings of single notes being played. Many of the melodies or bass lines were constructed in this way – by pitch shifting and moving around individual sounds like sound legos.”

Props to Emancipator! Buy/listen to the CD at his myspace.


  1. YAY! Thats fantastic. I give it SIX stars… yeah i said it.

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