Podcast as Ritualistic Meditation

A daily life-affirming habit of meditation and positivity will greatly improve your overall spirit and happiness.

The jungle music we play is a new form of sound that is constantly fresh and evolving from the combination of several songs mixed and played at once. The goal is to achieve a routine of fresh creative energy whilst using constant and limited songs/elements. We re-mix and re-re-mix, extracting every last drop of creative potential.

Hearing your old favorite songs translated in a new way is always revitalizing. Our podcasting method further stamps the music with a sense of time and space, which is essential data for the modern individual.

Combined with the power of the internet to reach a mass audience with ease, we CONNECT and form tribal bonds. Let us fill that aching gap you feel; we are out there fighting and surviving too. You are not forgotten!

We have dedicated our lives to this and you are welcome too, also. Please return forever and ever.

Listen now @ http://www.myspace.com/canopyradio.


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