Presenting: Kaleidoscopic Music

FUCK THE RIAA. It is our duty to keep musical art free from the disgusting competition of corporate business that depersonalizes the individual and drinks the blood of our cultural heritage.

But what can I do? I am but one man… one lonely, lonely man…

A worthy mission for the isolated citizen is to defeat the deception of commercial misinformation via social networking. Blogging, podcasting, youtubing… whatever your fancy. These platforms have been erected in & for your honor.

Presenting CANOPY RADIO. This is my platform, and it has become larger than I could have ever imagined.

Because I am VERY aroused.

Ahem. Music, 2007 AD.

A new sonic tapestry formed with every record spun. The DJ is the dictator of a social experience, one that captivates to the point of ecstasy. Let us transport you from a particular time and space into a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT time and space… one which is a lot more excellent.

This is our chance to completely express ourselves, in a manner of self-replication as we continue to use newer forms of technology to forever renew the historical data which we build our lives and identity around. We have a brilliant cultural history of music like jazz, the Beatles, and punk rock. True expression must make use of all these past forms and their recordings whilst translating it in a way that does not compromise their source/creator, but instead points to, adds upon & appreciates.

Their is no copyright on the knowledge of Columbus’ “discovery of America”, yet my favorite elementary school teachers taught it to me with a particular style that made me respect the event in comparison to my teachers’ own lives and their particular ‘discoveries’ of the world, etc.

So too are the discoveries of modern musicians and their soundscapes. The beauty of their music relies on the music which came before them – the production of music and it’s subsequent performance… for instance, the everlasting beauty of Tchaikovsky, which is replicated through modern-day orchestral musicians that demonstrate and build upon him with their unending search for musical perfection.

And now more than ever, technologies are transforming our concept of music into an uncategorizable form. With communication tools like blogging, everyone is seeking to transform the world in a different way.

And sound is a sculptural material able to replicate infinitely, and pliable to morph into an enormous range of ideas.

The ultimate language. An infinite potential for signs & symbols in a world growing dense with overpopulation. We must forever keep it free, albeit on the fringes of society, the ultimate resource for an intellectual elite.

Podcasting as a medium fits into our lives like donut holes fit into… my mouth. The OPTIMAL form of content. Doable and accessible by any human being on the planet. Routine updates are simply an expression that we, along with our musical art, are imperfect and forever evolving. The great timeless pieces are thus the pieces that are under constant revision, and we give them freely to our next generation.


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    Hello 🙂 I bookmarked this blog. Thanks heaps for this!… if anyone else has anything, it would be much appreciated. Great website HOT Piano Links Enjoy!

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