The VA Tech gunman is in HELL!

Come dance on his grave @ Canopy RADIO! Download here.


  1. UPDATE: the creative writing teacher apparently did seek psychiatric treatment for that mafcuka. so -3 disrespect to her.

  2. okay so what happened at virginia tech is not only sad but is seriously fucked up. How could someone even do that to innocent people. This might sound pretty damn rude but im hes dead for real. Like it blows your mind that someone soo insane could straighten up his act to kill 32 people then himself and Injure 15ishh. ( some jumped out of the window.) Can you people even fathom being in those peoples places? i dont think i can. I dont think i could even try because it was suchhh a horrible thing. But hes dead and so are 32 others who pretty much didnt deserve it.

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