An interview with Kept Blue

Discussing the future of music: web interactivity as simulation of live performance. Kyle Dosier talks with glitch-hop producer Kept Blue of Canopy Radio over an ambient soundscape. Download the .mp3 here.


  1. Sorry, I’m late to the game here.

    So I was thinking about what you said about interaction and how the interaction at a show differs from the interaction of a blog comment. The blog comment interaction I think is a lot more intellectual and mediated by time than the real-time visceral reaction of a show. I will only comment on a show to say that I really dug it or it got me thinking about whatever. But I can’t really respond in real time. That is to say, you, as a musician, do something incredible and at a live show, I react immediately with a cheer or a loud ‘fuck yeah, keptblue’ or something like that. In that moment, you and I share something as a performer and audience member that cannot be done here online. Which is why I think the live show is still where it’s at.

    To be honest, I’m only halfway through the interview. Damn short car-rides and recently added playlists. I need to find some headphones or go sit out in the car.

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