Extremely Dangerous Zombie Alert

Don’t deny your brain to these strong-willed zombies, whom cry songs of unrequited love and isolation… everyone falls, but they get right back up. Plus, their rapping style is FANTASTIC and very suggestible. Please click here, needer of mp3s.

Be on the lookout for these rising stars, featuring music submissions from suneV and DEAL, an interview with Emancipator by Kyle Dosier, and strategic mashing-up by Kept Blue and Ceratops.


  1. What the third to the last track that is a breaks track that has the sped up vocals and spacey sounding bent plucking sounds in it? starts at about 14:45…

  2. hey, i sped up emancipator’s track midway through his song…. you can actually listen to his whole cd @ myspace.com/emancipator, i think it’s track 7 or 8

  3. Thanks, I think the track is ‘when I go’ I’ll have to ‘unscrew’ it myself I suppose. 🙂 Excellent work, I’m glad I stumbled upon you guys. In case you’d like to taste some of my stuff: myspace.com/cloudchamber I’ll be watchin’ 🙂

  4. Thanks for playing my song “Bootie Shaking Fire” hope you all enjoy my work.

    suneV is coming for YOU!

  5. Alex


    I’m impressed, thanks for the awesome beats!

    Stop talking over the last song though, I want to hear it 😛


  6. DrStrangeloves music is pretty sweet, I just went and had a listen

  7. Hey thanks Charlie. You guys are inspiring me, If I have the time I’ll try and knock out some new stuff and post it. 🙂


  8. Yo son-fantastic mix-I like how you wove those interviews in there

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