Mintwater Detox, Deluxe Edition

Do not buy the mint water. It’s a scam. infected mint water

All it consist of is mint… and… water.

There are no calories, there is no fat, no sodium, DEFINITELY no protein. What is the point of that? You are practically paying $3.99 a pop for minty hydroponic air. What a waste.

Thus being typed, try our new bottled Canopy Radio H2ho beta. It’s all natural and ALL everything. Hip-hop, jazz, jungle, glitch, even cheesy midi videogame songs. Yes folks we have finally found the perfect rejuvination. It’s Canopy Radio H2ho beta. Download now!

%Weekly Value*

100% Jon Fisher Trio
100% suneV
100% Ellen Loves Everything
100% Wang Masta Flex
100% Ceratops
100% Kept Blue
*Percent weekly values are based on a 200,000 watts diet.


  1. Heyo

    So… can we ever expect the canopy radio that was Kept blue yelling randoms into the microphone, and quite possibly another whiney bitch list reading?

  2. video game wallpapers

    lol, no comment….

  3. Sariah


  4. Alex

    I’m a new comer to, but I’ve listened to everything thats been posted so far. While I’ve enjoyed all of it, the last four or five eps have been a step above, quality wise, the earlier offerings. Personally I can do without the random ‘GO!’, it was getting annoying

    This ep has some great tracks. That first cut is sick!


  5. yea alex, i agree… i think the current format is a little better than the complete live experience, although that was generally done in a social setting and we had a lot of fun regardless. but the new stuff is good for safekeeping and burning to cd… stuff that is more memorable and made for the community, less screaming was everyone’s main concern … haha. thanks for listening, hope you send some music !

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