This glitch-hop mix gives you the tools you need to bake a sweet romance with any particular individual alive, except for Kept Blue and Ceratops, who are above all that trite animalistic nonsense. Download this mp3 and teach yourself the essential skills to thrive in a world that is trying to consume your sexually edible soul.

The following contributors are available for hot, sticky consumption.

JP Automatic
Jon Fisher Trio
Johnny Nicholson
Ross Montgomery
Sean Brennan


  1. dood

    dood, what is that first track? its totally making me sick! that shit aint healthy, its ill.

  2. yo i made that track :> unreleased, specifically for the podcast

  3. proyectorecicla

    Your blog is very interesting.
    Great podcast.

  4. junglefan

    really dug the first part of it (it’s all i’ve heard so far but just figured i’d say something)

  5. skyy

    wow thats a really twisted mix, the end makes me think of blade, but still like it

  6. who did the “lovely lady lying helplessly in love” track.

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