The Emancipation Proclamation

Hear ye hear ye! On this day, June 6, 2007, henceforth thy shall hear yonder new music by thine Emancipator, mixed and mashed by Kept Blue. Download now!


  1. i remember hearing that song at 9 minutes with missy and the singing on another episode. its pretty sweet. never hear stuff like that.

  2. Meg

    that was sexy, soulful, deep. Loved it, thank you.

  3. Alex

    Another tiught mix people, thanks for the fun 🙂 What a great way to start a Monday…


  4. bizerk

    damn that stay high remix was so well put together the breakbeat style and atmospheric background flowed really well props to the producer!

  5. Adam

    Freaking awesome stuff!

  6. Dude.

    It’s been like over a week.

    What is this, a drought?

    In the rainforest?

  7. Stephen

    This is such an amazing podcast!

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