WANTED: Your Infamous Harp

Kept Blue & Ceratops will steal your booty while you listen to a mash-up of their new CD Prah Suomafni Ruoy. Listen helplessly as 16 minutes of your life are stolen by Your Infamous Harp. Download here.


  1. Sirnaka

    I know this is mash up but version of your CD but some of the stuff on this “Mashed up version isn’t found with in the Your Infamous Harp CD. Are this extras that didn’t make it to the CD or is it a remix version?

    Can’t explain it but I really loved the whole part from 00:12: till the end of the song.
    It’s like soothing mellow transition to an active flow of rhythms and beats. Can’t explain it in words but I really enjoyed it.

    Oh and the Haddaway-What is Love thrown in could of been the reason, since that song brings nice memories of the early 1990’s.

    Fuck do I sound old? cause I’m just 23/yo

    Kkthx and sorry for the rant.

  2. haha, thanks for listening

    all of this stuff is your infamous harp (except for haddaway). however, not all of the stuff is on the album.

    we used whatever we could to make an enjoyable mash-up, including unfinished songs, raw vocal tracks, etc., and we have much more that we’ll use in subsequent episodes. stay tuned..

    23 is the new 7

  3. Sirnaka

    “O shi!”

    I’m looking froward to that new 7.

  4. The very end of this, complete with What Is Love, is madly awesome.

    Keep it up.

    Like a wang.

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