Thine Noble Questz

Part I, whence doth Canopy Radio has bequeathed yonder ballads of love and ale into thine ears. A dark shadow hangs over the wreckage of a corrupt farming society. But a hero soon emerges to cast light upon wicked wayz.

The sonic battlefields are thus soaked with the blood and urine of 1000 demons. Download here.

Music contained herein submitted by:

kept blue
josh decker
producer snafu
the dead method


  1. ahaha dope samples in the beginning. isnt that from like an old ass video game? i feel like i had something similar.

    eternal death awaits! this death is substantially more permanent than other commonly encountered forms of the same.

    the circuit bent stuff at about 4.10 is piff.

    consuming me! hellfort! sean connery voice! full might!

    nice chops at 715+

    850 yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaathatsme


    i missed canopy radio like no other.


    that concludes the summary of my thoughts throughout this eposoad.


  2. Alex

    Great to have ya back all! The dungeon crawl was awesome!

  3. Eduardo Soria

    i have a lizard, well i want know about lizard thank you../. nice too meet you.

  4. nick j

    royb0t rulez the unknown universe

  5. good to hear and there.

  6. Sirnaka

    Is it me or is the first voice on this song it sounded like a mixture of Christopher Walken & Patrick Stewart voice?

  7. btw,

    i extracted the voice samples from the videogame Diablo, and the orchestral music used is from the movie Army of Darkness

    does anyone have any ideas for the next episode? !!

  8. does anyone have any ideas for the next episode? !!

    I think we should find midi files of crazy childrens songs with like 9 verses, and assign everyone a verse and get mad different styles and singers. that would be megadope. old mcdonals, perhaps? fives on salamanders.

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