Music Production v. 1 – Reason Composition

Kept Blue makes a beat from scratch with music software Reason. Subsequent episodes will show it evolve into a well-produced, full length song.

Check here to see the same beat glitched in Acid 5.


  1. Sirnaka

    more reasons to appreciate your stuff.
    Where can I get me that software I try it out.

  2. woot! thanks. i linked to the software in the article..

    in next episodes, ill use other programs like acid, ableton live and pro tools.

  3. Alex

    that was actually really interesting… I’ve been doing crappy mixtapes in Audacity for friends, think I might have to check out Reason and expand a little now…

  4. Matt

    How do you open up the first program?or what is it called? .. the one that you design in. Not Redrum but the main program you use to draw with. I knew i was missing something, I just started a few days ago and couldn’t get what i wanted out of the program.

  5. not sure i understand what youre asking,

    what first program are you talkin about? the sequencer window or the actual application reason?

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