Vote George Bush for 2008!

Attn: current president Bush just announced his campaign to win the 2008 election! We here at Canopy Radio would like to officially pledge our support. Download here.

(we’re just kidding, please stop the death threats)

Sponsored by:
Cory Enemy (Phillipians)
Kept Blue
Subliminal ****
The Dead Method
Wang Masta Flex


  1. dope vocals all around in this joint!

  2. This is just ridiculous. I’m loving the Bush sound bytes!

  3. boone

    Gyeeyah, bumpin an groovin. Gotsta love the bush-isms, n disses, he’ s a mafkn crotch niblet. Bump to this Georgy.

  4. cozmic

    I love that first song with the female vocals. Is it Cielo? I wish I could get a full version of that.

  5. this is a great mix thanks you so much!!!

  6. AstroBlak

    I look back and i’m confused as to how he was elected to a 2nd. term. Anyway…its almost over!

  7. Wow Dude!! People are seriously sleepin on ya mate. Let me know if you have the capability to work with some Jazz Musicians I know, they’ve been lookin for some outside the force-field production. Bush has my Support in 08! hahaha! great…

  8. nice with the monty python/nintendo game sounds

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