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Championship Bowling

Canopy Radio scores a perfect 300 with their latest mix. Dj Cj and Kept Blue join special guest Dj Hobbes in a remarkable bowling adventure that actually has nothing to do with bowling itself (unless you are comparing it to throwing huge balls into your ears… that is actually pretty on point).

The schedule of tonight’s events: build->destroy->profit. Download here.


Reign Over Paradise

As if no one can ever be truly happy. Awareness of that imbalance just further tips the scale. We suggest you move the fcuk on and get knee-deep in some serious ish.

Rough? Rugged? Raw? All of the above. Special guest Murderwalk. Download here.

Go, Geo-Duck, GO!

Live from a basement – DJ CJ on the decks and Kept Blue on laptop, glitching up some popular tunes in preparation for the release of our game Geo-Duck. Download now and blast that ish in the car! You know we do..