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This glitch-hop mix gives you the tools you need to bake a sweet romance with any particular individual alive, except for Kept Blue and Ceratops, who are above all that trite animalistic nonsense. Download this mp3 and teach yourself the essential skills to thrive in a world that is trying to consume your sexually edible soul.

The following contributors are available for hot, sticky consumption.

JP Automatic
Jon Fisher Trio
Johnny Nicholson
Ross Montgomery
Sean Brennan


Welcome back Canopy Radio! You were gone for a week… contemplating, freeloading, doing what you do. But now you present us with a renewed podcast, full of hope and denial of death. Jungle remixed, that is. Please email your mp3 for airplay. Download this mix and share with the world!

Original music by

Kept Blue
Sound Gank
The Dead Method

Death: cold and constant. Escape from that mindset and ride these .wavs with your bored.

This episode of Canopy Radio deserves to be burned to CD and physically archived for all time. To begin, click download.


I was OUTRAGED when I first heard about the mana cost for this spell.

But unholy forces have claimed our souls. There is no choice but to regenerate our mana faster by listening to this March 25th jungle glitch-hop musical energy podcast. Download NOW!

Do not fuck with heroin. Some music so that we may remember.