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Since March, the podcast is and will forever be 95% copyright free, fueled by original content and user submissions. Our intent is to more purely depict our musical selves and community. is more and more a documentary unfolding, a socially constructed interpretation of our musical style, so using mostly music from artists directly involved with us greatly help tell our tale.

That said, here’s what you can expect COMING SOON to Canopy Radio:

high-quality episodes archived on CD
a subscription service… Canopy Radio in the mail
canopy radio idle – beatmakers battle for a grand prize
contests and giveaways
ethical sponsors, advertisements

It is my moral duty to deliver the world as much musical enlightment as I can possibly attain before falling into a pit of musical rattlesnakes (I dreamed my death during the summer of 1992). Please help!


Some special friend whom apparently has no outside life, has been intensely mastering playable web games. More on this anonymous philanthropist later on this week… I would hate to rank 7th