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So, I’m the new guy. I just thought I’d introduce myself. I like music. I think it’s pretty alright. It can break, it’s malleable, sometimes a bit obstinate, but it never stops moving. Regardless of how extended a single chord is sustained, there is always a part of it that putters along the atmosphere until it is welded into the diegetic sounds that envelope our daily lives.

I like hip-hop. It is relentless in its quest to keep people moving. Whether it’s a deep, rib-cage shaking groove or a seizure invoking break-beat, hip-hop is capable of mimicking the disposition of the heart, physically, as well as emotionally. While scouring through the waves of FM radio, it becomes apparent that the substance of these popular hymns is dissipating such to the point that, to me, it is difficult to dismiss the similarities between the lyrics of mainstream rap and the cowboy hatted calls of a western square dance.

Though a dancer is free to interpret the meanings of lyrics, it has become the norm for the lyricist to monopolize the dance floor. The MC commands the dancer to move in a specific figure, synonymous with the typical square dance caller. The song “Walk It Out” by DJ Unk embodies this analogy. The first verse reads:

” Now Hit The Dance Floor
Hey Bend Yo Back Low
She Do It With No Hands
Now Stop, Pop, And Roll…”

With an onslaught of contorting directions, Unk has composed nothing more than an urban quadrille, dictating to the feet and body of the dancer where to go, how to do it, and how other people are interpreting his instructions. Along with DJ Unk’s conspicuous and monotonous arias, are rappers Dem Franchize Boyz, churning out lyrics like, “Lean wit it, rock wit it.” Had this call been vocalized in a Texas ballroom, it translate to, “Forward and Back,” implying that the dancer move forward three steps, and on the forth reverting back to their original position. Lil Jon is also two left and right “Alemans” away from crossing over from iced-grill bearing king of crunk, to a sterling bolo tie wearing square dance caller with his song “Snap Yo’ Fingers.”

The question arises: “Do we really require this much direction in order to dance or feel compelled to do so?” In the song “Power To The People” by Public Enemy, the overture reads, “Get on up and get involved, FEEL the bass as the cut revolves.” Chuck D urges his listeners to take the beat into their own hands and craft it, allegorically referring to a concept of greater importance. What has changed? Is change needed? Or have we grown tiresome of the prophetic scriptures that have forever been etched into the confines of the vinyl record?

Express yourself. Write. Dance. Yell, but not because DJ Unk tells you to.


laws of sara

Let me introduce the laws of the land, mine and Andy’s land…

1. Always recite these laws, including number one, every morning I wake up.
2. Always be truthful, no matter what the reward or consequence. Whether they are feelings, encounters, events, or moral code, stay true to what is right.
3. Always stay positive.
4. Always have faith in myself and my lover.
5. Always love and care for the ones that mean the most to me. Pets included.
6. Always be responsible. I make decisions on my own.
7. Always be productive. Always have an agenda, a plan, and goal and follow through.
8. Always be respectful. Even when I am not being respected.
9. Never take anything for granted. I have been provided for and I am lucky to have a man that loves me. That’s reality.
10. Never hate. It’s negative and will only cause me to hate myself.
11. Never try to be something I’m not. Be proud of who I am.

These are laws both Andy and I live by.

ANY violators, we do not tolerate.

These are who I strive to be. Why? Because it takes every single one of these to succeed in a happy and healthy relationship and life. I have decided to make it known that my laws will not be compromised under any circumstances.

If you don’t have obvious, pure intentions, I don’t want to be around you. And from now on, I will be the first to let you know.

However, the bottom line: I am much happier with these laws and I look forward to continue sharing them and my life with the one I love. Yeah, number nine.

A daily life-affirming habit of meditation and positivity will greatly improve your overall spirit and happiness.

The jungle music we play is a new form of sound that is constantly fresh and evolving from the combination of several songs mixed and played at once. The goal is to achieve a routine of fresh creative energy whilst using constant and limited songs/elements. We re-mix and re-re-mix, extracting every last drop of creative potential.

Hearing your old favorite songs translated in a new way is always revitalizing. Our podcasting method further stamps the music with a sense of time and space, which is essential data for the modern individual.

Combined with the power of the internet to reach a mass audience with ease, we CONNECT and form tribal bonds. Let us fill that aching gap you feel; we are out there fighting and surviving too. You are not forgotten!

We have dedicated our lives to this and you are welcome too, also. Please return forever and ever.

Listen now @

On Despair

Kierkegaard!“Is despair an excellence or a defect? Purely dialectically, it is both. The possibility of this sickness is man’s superiority over the animal, for it indicates infinite sublimity that he is spirit. Consequently, to be able to despair is an infinite advantage, and yet to be in despair is not only the worst misfortune and misery—no, it is ruination;” writes the psedonym Anti-Climacus in Soren Kierkegaard’s The Sickness Unto Death. While the word ‘despair’ may tend to sound inherently negative, Kierkegaard is using it to express what is potentially one of the most beautiful things about human existence: the creative love of a dynamic self.

What Kierkegaard is encouraging, in my opinion, is for the individual to look beyond one’s close-knit subjective reality and strike a balance between how both the physical and spiritual self interact with the universe at large. Too much time spent living an aesthetic life of hedonistic debauchery (something I find I know all too much about) is incredibly destructive to the spiritual self, just as a life of absolute, blind commitment to ethical ideal is destructive to the physical self and well-being. Additionally, these two aspects of self are inexorably tied together in intricate minute ways, and so a balance between faith and doubt, spiritual and physical, must needs be achieved. The individual identity is constructed in partnerships between the individual and other individuals as well as between the individual and the greater universe (or God for you organized religion types). Thusly, I encourage open dialogue, a commitment to personal morals, a recognition of the limitations of the individual subjective reality as well as a little fun now and again. is a free weekly podcast with timeless quality content and a unique musical philosophy. Our message can enlighten and ignite positive social change: open-source music demonstrates the value of community, collaboration and respect, and undermines unneeded bureaucracy to promote a truer vision of music’s future.

To greater depict the reality of our digital culture, we construct this sonic architecture from the materials you provide. Give us your beautiful songs, obscure recordings, trademark drum loops, acapellas, remixes, re-remixes, relevant and irrelevant audio of any kind (that’s for us to decide). Submit an mp3 and we will fit it creatively into the next episode.


Some quality music links that exemplify our grey-hat ideology:

This list will be frequently updated and added to! Stay tuned.

Greetings internet accessing people of the world; I’m here today to tell you about a huge problem facing every human being alive today. Were you aware that your awareness levels of certain issues are greatly lacking? So much so that billions of dollars are raised and spent annually just to make sure you are well aware of the various ills of world and society we occupy? I bet not. You are just letting these billions of dollars be spent needlessly if you do not do something to keep your awareness on an upward trend.

The Second Most Aware Man in the World!The average awareness for the average person in the average country today is approximately .3715 AOBs (aware-o-balls); this is, simply put, completely unnacceptable. Ex-Vice President and social activist Al Gore’s awareness is an astounding .8943 AOBs; Leonardo Di Caprio? A maejstic .9368 AOBs. Wow! They’re so aware!

To this tune, we have raised the astonishing figure of $6.6 billion in order to start a grass roots internet campaign to inform you, the common man, about the disheartening lack of awareness in you, the common man. For it is only if we all become super-aware, that we can begin to raise money and form organizations to actually combat the multiple problems in the world.

We thank you for your time in reading this.

-Mr. F. E. Cecious

FUCK THE RIAA. It is our duty to keep musical art free from the disgusting competition of corporate business that depersonalizes the individual and drinks the blood of our cultural heritage.

But what can I do? I am but one man… one lonely, lonely man…

A worthy mission for the isolated citizen is to defeat the deception of commercial misinformation via social networking. Blogging, podcasting, youtubing… whatever your fancy. These platforms have been erected in & for your honor.

Presenting CANOPY RADIO. This is my platform, and it has become larger than I could have ever imagined.

Because I am VERY aroused.

Ahem. Music, 2007 AD.

A new sonic tapestry formed with every record spun. The DJ is the dictator of a social experience, one that captivates to the point of ecstasy. Let us transport you from a particular time and space into a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT time and space… one which is a lot more excellent.

This is our chance to completely express ourselves, in a manner of self-replication as we continue to use newer forms of technology to forever renew the historical data which we build our lives and identity around. We have a brilliant cultural history of music like jazz, the Beatles, and punk rock. True expression must make use of all these past forms and their recordings whilst translating it in a way that does not compromise their source/creator, but instead points to, adds upon & appreciates.

Their is no copyright on the knowledge of Columbus’ “discovery of America”, yet my favorite elementary school teachers taught it to me with a particular style that made me respect the event in comparison to my teachers’ own lives and their particular ‘discoveries’ of the world, etc.

So too are the discoveries of modern musicians and their soundscapes. The beauty of their music relies on the music which came before them – the production of music and it’s subsequent performance… for instance, the everlasting beauty of Tchaikovsky, which is replicated through modern-day orchestral musicians that demonstrate and build upon him with their unending search for musical perfection.

And now more than ever, technologies are transforming our concept of music into an uncategorizable form. With communication tools like blogging, everyone is seeking to transform the world in a different way.

And sound is a sculptural material able to replicate infinitely, and pliable to morph into an enormous range of ideas.

The ultimate language. An infinite potential for signs & symbols in a world growing dense with overpopulation. We must forever keep it free, albeit on the fringes of society, the ultimate resource for an intellectual elite.

Podcasting as a medium fits into our lives like donut holes fit into… my mouth. The OPTIMAL form of content. Doable and accessible by any human being on the planet. Routine updates are simply an expression that we, along with our musical art, are imperfect and forever evolving. The great timeless pieces are thus the pieces that are under constant revision, and we give them freely to our next generation.