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Where are all these videos COMING from?

(Brendan Bagley) For more information, visit this LINK.



Were you wondering about the interactive music video game?

This should answer at least half of your questions. Learn more here.

Kept Blue makes a beat from scratch with music software Reason. Subsequent episodes will show it evolve into a well-produced, full length song.

Check here to see the same beat glitched in Acid 5.

A mini video-excursion from the march 10th podcast!

Lots of people here!

We also documented the night in audio format:

Performed March 4, filmed live by Canopy Radio! Watch now:

Featuring Emancipator, Kept Blue, Ceratops, DJCJ & Brendan B!

A video-musical collage of infinite wisdom. Feat. Kept Blue & Emancipator.

Continuing the Extlabs videoblogging with Emanc & Kept Blue.

Extlabs 01 – Baptism

Adventures into videoblogging, featuring Emancipator and Kept Blue.