Kept Blue. Glitch-hop musician and video producer.
Ceratops. Strikingly gorgeous ambient lizard priestess.
DJ CJ. Turntable technician and personable jungle soldier.


Emancipator. Epic faerie-hop beatsmith / psychologist.


Reality is just a point of view. Awesome poetry and short films by Brendan Bagley.
Your Infamous Harp. How to be healthy in a world that wants to KILL YOU.

Join us!

Have what it takes to bleed on the cutting edge of our musical style? We are looking for likeminded musicians, artists, writers, lawyers, doctors, anthropologists and every other known occupation to help us bring enlightenment to the world. For consideration, email your life’s work to


  1. I get so antsy on tuesday nights! It’s like waiting for presents at christmas time… except every tuesday, and with new canopy…

  2. Thanks for the love guys. Host from my house anytime…Big Up the 703 and 301 massif! Can’t forget the 410, 202 ,718(NEXGEN! STEVE B REMINGTON D&B!)
    Production of New Tunes(and remixes) FTMFW!

  3. A True Gem Guys! Thanks for the love.

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