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Your Infamous Harp – Prah Suomafni Ruoy (2007)
Bjork, meet glitch-hop. Jungle dnb, meet Bjork. With their latest album, Kept Blue and Ceratops (Your Infamous Harp) are like the Postal Service, except not gay. This album is a triumph of manly audio architecture with cutesy vocals for the man-girl in all of us. The perfect soundtrack to a nice bohemian date with your high-class punk-rock princess. Listen to the whole CD online and purchase the album and mp3s for 10$, shipping included.

Extortion Labs – Kept Blue (2006)
Kept Blue‘s solo CD is to glitch-hop as the bible is to Islam. Beautiful singing, melodies, IDM drums and humor throughout crowns Andy Domin as the champion of his own new musical style. Also known as, “Kept Blue – Confessions of a Sexual Masterpiece”, which is true.

Extortion Labs – Astrolove (2005) * 1
Kept Blue and Emancipator release an indie rock concept EP laden with finely crafted electronic beats. This is considered by many to be one of the greatest underground releases of all time, and so far the last (or at least latest) collaborative CD between the 2.

Extortion Labs – Play Fire (2004)
Electro-angst, featuring Kept Blue and Emancipator. Emo drum ‘n bass for the ethical young man/woman or couple. Sophisticated and aggressive anthems for the young cyberpunk.

Go to Emancipator’s myspace to order his CD:

Emancipator – Soon It Will Be Cold Enough (2007) * 1 2
Emancipator‘s first solo CD landed him a record deal with Nujabes and a crowd of rabid fans. Beautiful, haunting, ethereal, etc. The list goes on and on… a triumphant collection of the best beats man has ever crafted.
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