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Attn: current president Bush just announced his campaign to win the 2008 election! We here at Canopy Radio would like to officially pledge our support. Download here.

(we’re just kidding, please stop the death threats)

Sponsored by:
Cory Enemy (Phillipians)
Kept Blue
Subliminal ****
The Dead Method
Wang Masta Flex

Part I, whence doth Canopy Radio has bequeathed yonder ballads of love and ale into thine ears. A dark shadow hangs over the wreckage of a corrupt farming society. But a hero soon emerges to cast light upon wicked wayz.

The sonic battlefields are thus soaked with the blood and urine of 1000 demons. Download here.

Music contained herein submitted by:

kept blue
josh decker
producer snafu
the dead method

Welcome back Canopy Radio! You were gone for a week… contemplating, freeloading, doing what you do. But now you present us with a renewed podcast, full of hope and denial of death. Jungle remixed, that is. Please email your mp3 for airplay. Download this mix and share with the world!

Original music by

Kept Blue
Sound Gank
The Dead Method

Mixed semi-live by Kept Blue & Ceratops. With help from the Dead Method & friends (Jayo & Shayo). Download here.

No DJ! We had to make this collage from scratch with our own material and a Sage Francis acapella, “Gunz Yo”. I hope it’s relevant!

Especially tonight! With your hosts, Ceratops & Isabel. Download.